Goods and Services
Alchemical Ingredients Quality Value Rarity
Dulled Shard -- 20 crowns rare
Faeleaf -- 2 crowns average
Gemstone Dust -- 5 crowns rare
Moonwater -- 2 crowns average
Nettlethorn -- 8 crowns rare
Petrified Firefly -- 10 crowns rare
Revelstone -- 3 crowns average
Armors Quality Value Rarity
Light Helmet poor 4 crowns average
Heavy Helmet low 20 crowns average
Light Chest low 10 crowns average
Heavy Chest low 30 crowns average
Light Legs poor 8 crowns average
Heavy Legs low 20 crowns average
Poisons Quality Value Rarity
Bathemewl poor 40 crowns rare
Glowth poor 10 crowns rare
Nettledown Tea poor 10 crowns rare
Petrum poor 20 crowns rare
Tincture of Fae poor 15 crowns rare
Potions Quality Value Rarity
Dawn Elixir poor 15 crowns rare
Iluna's Tears poor 10 crowns rare
Purified Moonwater poor 10 crowns rare
Revelwine poor 15 crowns rare
Stalwort poor 20 crowns rare
Services Quality Value Rarity
Laborer / Basic Services (1 day) low 50 commons common
Professional Services (1 day) average 2 crowns average
Mercenary Services (1 day) average 5 crowns average
Magical Services (legal/moral) average 10 crowns rare
Magical Services (illegal/immoral) average 50 crowns rare
Alchemical Services (1 brew) average 20 crowns rare
Machine Weaving (1 machine) average 500 crowns rare
Threads Quality Value Rarity
Beast poor 100 crowns rare
Fae poor 200 crowns rare
Horror poor 1000 crowns priceless
Mortal poor 1000 crowns priceless
Tools Quality Value Rarity
Small Mirror average 2 crowns average
Rope (50 ft.) average 2 crowns average
Everyday Tool low 1 crown common
Expert Tool average 10 crowns average
Weapons Quality Value Rarity
Axe low 2 crowns common
Battle Axe average 10 crowns rare
Bow average 2 crowns average
Broadsword average 12 crowns rare
Club poor 50 commons common
Crossbow high 20 crowns rare
Dagger low 1 crown common
Mace average 5 crowns average
Morningstar high 20 crowns rare
Rapier high 10 crowns rare
Sling poor 50 commons common
Spear poor 1 crown average
Staff low 1 crown common
Sword low 3 crowns average
Throwing Knife average 1 crown average
Whip high 15 crowns rare
Regional Rarity Modifiers
Alleys Rarity Modifier
All rare Weapons average
All Alchemical Ingredients -1 rarity
All Potions -1 rarity
All Poisons -1 rarity
Mercenary Services (1 day) -1 rarity
Magical Services (illegal/immoral) -1 rarity
Burgs Rarity Modifier
All Armors -1 rarity
All Weapons -1 rarity
Countrysides Rarity Modifier
Magical Services (illegal/immoral) priceless
Machine Weaving (1 machine) priceless
Professional Services (1 day) rare
Heavy Helmet rare
Heavy Chest rare
Heavy Legs rare
Deep Woods Rarity Modifier
All Services +1 rarity
All Goods +1 rarity
Kingdoms Rarity Modifier
Professional Services (1 day) common
Magical Services (legal/moral) average
Light Helmet common
Light Chest common
Light Legs common
Moors Rarity Modifier
All Services +1 rarity
All Goods +1 rarity
Revels Rarity Modifier
All Services +1 rarity
All Potions -1 rarity (great revel only)
Thrones Rarity Modifier
All Goods (excluding Alchemical Ingredients) +1 rarity
Twinkling Swamps Rarity Modifier
All Services priceless
All Goods priceless