Alchemy is the art of combining various ingredients together to create a potion or poison. To do so, the alchemist must know of a recipe - instructions for which ingredients to combine, and how to combine them. Following the recipe, the ingredients are consumed, and, if successful, the resulting potion or poison is made available.
Alchemy is broken into two main categories: potions, which only work when consumed, and provide some benefit to the consumer, and poisons which may be consumed, injected, or applied, and which confer some negative effect to the target. All potions are created using the Alchemy (Philosophy) action, and all poisons are created using the Brew Poison (Medicine) action.
Many alchemical recipes provide an effect that lasts for a specified duration; after which the character is no longer affected by the potion or poison. Some effects may specify a repeating effect over a duration, such as "heal 1 damage each turn for 5 turns" - other effects may just be ongoing such as "reduce movement by 1 for 6 turns". Some alchemical recipes do not provide ongoing effects, but a single immediate effect such as "remove 1 injury condition".


In order to learn a new recipe, a character must research it. To do this, the character will select an available recipe in the alchemy research tree, and spend the specified amount of story points (based on the quality of the research). Once unlocked, the recipe is available for use by the character as often as desired. There are 10 default recipes (5 potion and 5 poison) available to all characters. Each recipe is immediately available for research at the lowest quality (poor); once a recipe has been researched once, the next level of research can be performed, and so on.


In order to attempt alchemy, a character must know a recipe; recipes are unique to characters - they cannot be copied or shared. A character learns a new recipe via research, and once learned, can use that recipe.
Recipes contain the following components:
  1. A list of ingredients required to make the recipe
  2. An effect when consumed - the amount consumed will be specified, but is usually an entire vial
Each potion or poison made (or found, purchased, etc.) has a quality rating. This rating will directly impact the efficacy of the liquid when used, as specified in the effect.
As an example, consider the following recipe:
Iluna's Tears • Potion Recipe
Combine the following: 1 vial Moonwater, 1 ground Revelstone, 2 drops of your blood
When fully consuming a vial of Iluna's Tears, the character gains the following effect, based on the quality of the potion
poor: Remove one random injury condition
low: Remove one injury condition of the character's choice
average: Remove one injury condition of the character's choice, or one random non-injury condition
high: Remove one condition of the character's choice
superior: Remove one condition of the character's choice, or two random conditions