Dire Situations

A dire situation is any part of gameplay where the timing of action sequences is important, often because the threat of injury or death is imminent. When gameplay enters a dire situation, the free-form gameplay style found during calm situations is replaced by a strict turn-based gameplay style (until the dire situation ends).
A dire situation takes place of a series of rounds. During each round, each character will take one turn.
At the start of a dire situation, turn order must be determined - for each character (PCs and NPCs) involved in the dire situation, they must perform an Initiative vs Initiative opposed check; that is, all characters make a normal check using their initiative attribute, and rank the results from highest to lowest.
  • In the case of a tie between PCs, they can discuss amongst themselves how to order the tied characters
  • In the case of a tie between NPCs, the narrator determines their ordering
  • In the case of a tie between PCs and NPCs, the PCs can determine the ordering
Once the turn order has been established, the first round begins. Each round, each character takes their turn in the established turn order. A character who is unconscious or dead cannot take their turn.

A Character's Turn

On a character's turn, they can, in any order they choose:
  • Move up to their movement attribute; each point of movement is equivalent to
    • ~3 yards of movement over easy terrain, or
    • ~1 yard of movement through difficult terrain, or
    • ~2 yards of vertical movement (a check may be required for particularly steep inclines)
    • If mounted, double all non-vertical movements
  • Take up to one action with the dire keyword
  • Take up to one action with both the dire and fast keywords
Note that a character may split their movement (that is, move some, take an action, and continuing moving).


Once per round, a character may use up to one action not on their turn, provided the following criteria hold:
  • The action must have the interrupt keyword
  • The action will define a specific condition that must hold true in order to use it