Goods and Services

Across the land, in all regions, the currency accepted by all merchants and adventurers alike is the crown. A small golden coin, stamped with the insignia of the kingdom in which it was minted, the crown is used for all sorts of financial transactions. When the value of a crown is deemed too much, the common is used in its place - minted of copper, but otherwise identical to the crown, it is considered to be 1/100th the value.
The sections below aggregate the goods and services that can be bartered for across the land. Each entry contains the name of the product, as well as its general rarity and value. For a physical item, rarity refers to the likelihood of finding the item in a given shop (or merchant's cart, market, etc.); for a service, rarity refers to the likelihood that a skilled practitioner is available in the area to offer the service.
If a particular quality of item is desired, this may impact the rarity. By default, all entries refer to items of low quality. The rarity of an item increases with each quality above low that is desired.
The value of an item is tied to the listed rarity. The value is doubled for each increased rarity above the listed rarity (or halved if the rarity can be reduced, typically by a regional modifier or other mechanic).


When searching for goods and services, characters may need to make rolls to see if what they are looking for is available.
In general, a shop that handles a particular type of good will always have common goods available. Of course, they must be in the shop's specialty (an herbalist's shop will not carry swords, for instance). As noted, kingdoms, alleys, and burgs will also have average quality goods available as well.
If searching for any good whose rarity is higher than what would normally be found, the character who is shopping must make one of the following unskilled checks:
Rarity Check
Average Unskilled vs DV12
Rare Unskilled vs DV14
Priceless Unskilled vs DV18
If the above check is successful, the good is available for purchase; otherwise it is not. A character cannot check for the same (or very similar) goods multiple times in the same place, nor can multiple characters try (once it has been determined that a merchant does not have a certain rare item, they do not have it, no matter who asks). The exception to this rule, at the narrator's discretion, is to allow a reroll should sufficient time pass or enough events happen in the context of the story such that a merchant might now be expected to have something they did not before.


As specified in the individual entries of each region, various goods and services have their rarity adjusted - for example, certain herbs are easier to find in the moors, while artisan works are very unlikely to be found anywhere but a kingdom.

Lists of Goods and Services

Below are the lists of various goods and services. Each contains a list of the available goods with their default rarity and value attributes. In addition, any specific rules pertaining to a good or service will be listed as well.