The Twilight Kingdoms is a pen and paper roleplaying game designed to place an emphasis on storytelling while allowing each character to be both unique and thematically anchored to this fantasy world.
The Twilight Kingdoms takes place in an enchanted world, full of endless mystery and excitement, with a unique thematic quality. In the Twilight Kingdoms, players play a character of one of the mortal races, native to the lands known as the Kingdoms, these characters are an amalgamation of faerie tale tropes: a stalwart knight who crafts dangerous potions, a wicked witch who lives in an ice castle of her own design, and a frog prince who speaks to others through magic mirrors are all examples of the multitudes of combinations available to players.
By selecting one or more tales from a wide array of choices, players will create their own character’s story – with the help of the narrator, a player who will weave a fabulous tale, the players will cooperatively discover their place in the Great Tapestry. Will they defend the innocent against great evil, or will they become the evil themselves? Perhaps they will find their way to the mysterious Fae’rela, fabled land of the Faerie King, or maybe they will meet their end as greed drags them deeper into great danger?
This book presents the setting, rules, and the details for each character tale, as well as a means for creating compelling monstrous villains and curios of great power. In addition, the book contains a section to help guide narrators in crafting balanced encounters and rewarding players with a means to progress their powers.
Welcome to the Twilight Kingdoms!

What is a pen and paper roleplaying game?

If you are new to pen and paper roleplaying, there are a few things to know before you get started. First, while this is a game, it isn’t competitive – there are no winners or losers. Think of it more as a cooperative story-telling game, where each player will take on the role of a single character in an evolving story.
One player will be the narrator, who will lay out the setting and create some antagonists. The other players will then create their own characters (they can be heroes, villains, or somewhere in between). These players will then take on the role of the characters they have created, making decisions for those characters (ideally, as those characters).
As the players make these decisions, a story will unfold. Characters will gain new and exciting skills, defeat challenging monsters, and outwit the deceptive fae they encounter. Sometimes a character will die – this isn’t an indication of the player “losing”, but rather, an important event in the story that everyone is helping to weave. That player should then create a new character, and with the help of the narrator, the new character will be introduced into the story as well.
Keep track of your character on a copy of the character sheet in the back of this book. Let your imagination run wild and help to create an engaging and interesting story with the other players. Enjoy your time in the Twilight Kingdoms!

A Quick Guide to Dice

To play a game of the Twilight Kingdoms, you’ll need access to a set of polyhedral dice available at most game stores and online. Specifically, you’ll need a pair of 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, 12-, and 20-sided dice. These dice are referred to in the rules as d4, d6, d8, etc. If an effect uses that terminology, roll the specified die and apply the result: for instance, “deal d6 damage” means “roll a 6-sided die, and then deal the resulting number as damage”.