Once a player character has unlocked a tale, they can now begin to unlock that tale's talents at a cost of story points. A talent is an upgrade or new ability that is permanently granted to the character that unlocks it.
Talents come in several forms, as indicated in their description:
  • Actions - A talent may grant the character a new action; these work exactly the same as actions presented in the skills section, but provide unique effects.
  • Passives - A talent may grant a character a passive upgrade; these can be simple things, such as increasing an attribute in some way (e.g., "+1 movement"). Two common subcategories of passive talents include mastery (of skills) and affinity (for magics).
  • Research - A talent may grant a character access to a new alchemical formula; using alchemy, the character can now follow this formula to create a new potion or poison.
  • Hexemes - A talent may grant a character access to a new hexeme, a powerful word of magic used when composing spells.