Player characters are defined by the tales they select throughout gameplay - each tale is thematically unique, and consists of a collection of talents that both unlock and improve the character's capabilities.
Each PC starts with a single tale of their choice unlocked. As the game progresses, PCs earn story points; they may spend these SP on many upgrades, including unlocking new tales. The cost to unlock a new tale is 20SP times the number of tales the character already has (e.g., the character's first tale is free as part of character creation, their second costs 20SP, their third costs 40SP, and so on). There is no limit to how many tales a character can unlock.
Once a character has unlocked a tale, they gain access to any unique rules presented in it (some grant unique attributes or other values to track). Further, every talent in that tale can now be unlocked by the character at the cost in SP presented. (Unlocking a tale does not automatically unlock the talents within it.)

List of Tales

The following tales are available for PCs: