Knight of the Kingdom

Combat Tale
Knights of the Kingdom are official knighted individuals working on behalf of the monarch, or a local lord. Wherever evil deeds are done, a knight of the kingdom soon will be there. It is their solemn duty to right the wrongs and bring justice and peace to the land – although many knights have an ulterior motive of fame and fortune. Most knights of the kingdom have some birthright to the title, although it is at the discretion of the monarch to knight anyone they see fit, and many monarchies do prefer a meritocracy to their knighthoods. Arms and armor vary from kingdom to kingdom, some provided as part of the title, others required of the knight themselves. Within kingdoms and villages in the countryside, knights are often given some base amount of respect for the title and authority granted by the king.
Heraldry • Signature Talent • Action
Select one of your heraldries to display; gain that heraldry's effect until you choose to display another (you may only have one displayed at a time). The heraldries are:
  • Bear - Reduce the difficulty of Attack (Brutal Weapon) by 1.
  • Lion - Gain +1 bravery.
  • Stag - Gain +1 movement.
  • Wolf - Gain +1 adventure if you are not nearby any ally or friend.
Errant Heraldries • Tier 1 Talent
Unlock the following additional heraldries:
  • Boar - You can wear one piece of heavy armor without suffering its drawback.
  • Rose - Gain +1 charm.
Attack (Shield) • Tier 1 Talent • Action
Push forward with your shield, dealing moderate damage and forming into a defensive position. Make a Bravery vs Steel +1 check; if successful, deal 2 damage to the character, and increase your armor against non-magical attacks by 2 for the next round. (You must have a shield equipped to use this action.)
Critical: The character takes an additional + mastery damage.
Kingdom Heraldries • Tier 2 Talent
Unlock the following additional heraldries:
  • Crown - At the start of each round in danger, you may increase your place in the turn order by 1.
  • Shield - Gain +1 armor.
Improved Steel • Tier 2 Talent
Permanently increase your Steel by 1.
Commander Heraldries • Tier 3 Talent
Unlock the following additional heraldries:
  • Dragon - Add d3 damage to any Attack action you make with a melee weapon.
  • Moon - Reduce all damage from magic sources by 1.
Flourishing Maneuver • Tier 3 Talent
Whenever you perform any Attack action with a melee weapon or shield, you may take the Heraldry action as a free action immediately.
Mastery • Mastery Talent
Permanently increase your breakpoint by 1 each time you purchase mastery in this tale.
Tarr’ko • Tarr'ko Talent
You gain an innate tarr’ko card - Defend, the Eternal Bulwark.
Notes: Innate tarr’ko cards cannot be lost, stolen, or exchanged; they are gibberish to anyone else who looks at them.