Aquien fae appear as humanoid from the waste up, and much like a fish from the waste down. Their scaled tale graduates into blue, green, or pinkish flesh around the midsection. In some aquien, the scaled textures extends as high as the neck, and down the arms all the way to the hands. In others, the scaled texture ends abruptly at the waistline. Occasionally, aquien will have legs, rather than a fish tale, but those legs will be covered in scales and fins.
Aquien frequently have short, opalescent wings. Their scales are tones of blues and greens, and their hair – short or long – tends to be vibrant and deep in color and can be found in all tones. Aquien appear as either female, or ungendered – as is the case with fae, gender is purely a visual effect. Aquien fae average around one foot in height, and always appear lean and fit.
Fae of the House Aquien are free souls; they are unencumbered by House politics and tend to have no foes. They congregate in small groups; rarely are they found alone, but often in threes and fours. These cliques are typically tight, and they will be very standoffish or rude to other fae, regardless of House.
Even so, while aquien will exclude other fae from their group, they are overly welcoming of mortals. Aquien can be dangerous in an indirect way, as mortals who join up with aquien may ultimately neglect themselves to the point of starvation, dehydration, or exhaustion. Aquien love to "lure" mortals to their group, and make them part of the club. This isn’t sinister or overtly evil, but it shows a lack of empathic understanding on the part of the aquien.
When a mortal crosses their path, aquien are immediately interested in attracting that person to join their group. They will do so openly, and without hostility. They will make themselves seem as compelling as possible, appearing as beautiful women and men, displaying luxury and opulence, suggesting comfort and riches. These things are typically illusion, they are deceptive but the aquien doesn’t do this out of malice or spite – they see these tricks as a means to quickly gain a new companion.
The cliquish nature, juxtaposed by the desire to add mortals to their party, results in aquien living on the outskirts of civilization. They are not to be found as deep in the woods as possible, but they are also never seen in populated areas. Further, they are often found congregating near ponds and streams, as well as uninhabited coastlines and on small islands.
When dealing with aquien, common advice is to assume that everything they present is a fabrication. Staying with them and learning about their unusual personalities and ways can be safe, as long as the mortal is cognizant of the passage of time and has the mental fortitude to leave them. Exposure to their tricks does not lessen their effects over time, one must always be on their guard.
Aquien are not aggressive by nature, they will not attack unless provoked. They will use their variety of tricks to keep mortals around, however.
Flying • Signature Talent
The aquien gains the flying differentia.
Tiny Fists • Signature Talent
The aquien's Attack (Unarmed) is opposed by the target's Armor, and deals d4 damage.
Magic Resist • 10 Danger Talent
The aquien gains the magic resist differentia.
Jinx • 10 Danger Talent
The aquien makes a Magic vs Steel check against a nearby character; if successful, the character is cursed.
Tell Lies • 20 Danger Talent
Up to thrice per encounter, the aquien makes a Magic vs Wits check against a nearby character; if successful, the aquient tells a lie to the target that they absolutely belive to be true (and will act upon accordingly) for 10 minutes.
Aquien • Fae • Bestiary Entry
140 Danger


Found in:
  • Countryside
  • Twinkling Swamps
  • Deep Woods

Common loot:
  • Ingredients
  • Ingredients
  • Ingredients
  • Potions