Lurking in the depths of the deep woods, or far in the twinkling swamp, the arachnia spins webs to catch her prey. The arachnia, 10 or more feet in height, resembles a spider from the waste down, and a nude female human from the waste up. The human half of this sadistic creature is often covered in markings – tattoos made from the drained blood of its victims.
Arachnia love to toy with their prey, taunting them, increasing their fear until the moment is right to strike. Arachnia will often lead them further from safety, until they have fallen into the spider queen’s nest, her sticky webbing holding them tight.
Arachnia are aggressive, choosing to attack any mortals in the area. They will typically have a nearby nest; if they can lead the mortals there, they may be trapped in the webbing; otherwise, arachnia will attempt a series of hit-and-run maneuvers, attempting to weaken their prey before going in for the kill.
First Strike • Signature Talent
The arachnia is exceptionally fast; she will start danger going first in the turn order (she does not need to roll for this).
Fangs • Signature • Weapon
Hands: 1, Range: adjacent, Check: Bravery vs Adventure, Damage: d4
Any character damaged with the arachnia's Fangs has their breakpoint reduced by 1 for the remainder of the encounter.
Lord • Signature Talent
The arachnia gains the lord differentia.
Webbing • 20 Danger • Action
Twice per encounter, as a fast action, the arachnia can cover a nearby area of medium size in sticky webbing; any character besides herself that starts their turn in the webbing is slowed (3).
Arachnia • Beast • Bestiary Entry
130 Danger


Found in:
  • Deep Woods
  • Twinkling Swamps

Common loot:
  • Threads
  • Faecorns