An avatar of Bathemos, the Bathite is often summoned by ritual at a revel, after which it may escape (or be set free), wandering the countryside causing destruction. Bathites are elemental creatures, roughly resembling a humanoid, but made purely of fire and swirling chaos.
They exist to spread destruction – they aren’t hunters, but will kill anything that attempts to impede them from their anarchist desires. Bathites are pure energy, they do not speak, nor listen, and mundane damage is of little effect to them.
Bathites will be found in the process of causing damage and destruction; they will typically ignore mortals until they are threatened, at which point, they will focus their powers on removing the threat.
On Fire • Signature Talent
The bathite is made of pure flame; any action that targets the bathite from an adjacent character causes that character to make a Steel vs Steel check; if failed, that character takes d3 damage. Anything the bathite touches that is easily flammable will catch on fire immediately (this is a natural fire that can be extinguished in mundane ways).
Incorporeal • Signature Talent
The bathite gains the incorporeal differentia.
Flaming Arms • 10 Danger Talent
The bathite uses its Magic attribute when making a check for an Attack (Unarmed); the attack deals d4 damage.
Fire Blast • 10 Danger • Action
The bathite makes a Magic vs Steel check against a far target; it successful, the target suffers d8 damage.
Magic Resist • 10 Danger Talent
The bathite gains the magic resist differentia.
Bathite • Threadless • Bestiary Entry
125 Danger


Found in:
  • Revels
  • Countryside
  • Burgs

Common loot:
  • Crowns