Bog Menace

On the edges of the twinkling swamp, or in the damper areas of the deep woods, a bog menace can sometimes be seen wandering in the distance. These highly territorial beasts have a low intelligence but do partake in an extremely primitive form of farming. They can be seen transplanting various mushrooms to areas of more appropriate light or moisture in order to yield better returns.
Standing a bit taller than the average human, bog menaces have notably more bulk – easily weighing in at several hundred pounds or more, these strong creatures will aggressively defend their territory. Their form is humanoid, but there are fungal in nature – appearing to be a large mushroom-like creature, with huge tusk-like teeth, and small black beady eyes.
Bog menaces are only aggressive if threatened or if their territory is trespassed upon. They have a primitive intelligence and cannot be reasoned with.
Bog Limbs • Signature Talent
The bog menace's Attack (Unarmed) deals 2d3 damage.
Spores • 20 Danger • Action
The bog menace makes a Steel vs Steel check against all nearby characters; for each success, that character is poisoned (3) and slowed (3).
Bog Menace • Beast • Bestiary Entry
30 Danger


Found in:
  • Deep Woods
  • Twinkling Swamp

Common loot:
  • Equipment
  • Equipment
  • Equipment