One of the three avatars of Athya that form the triumvirate, bulwark is found on each nexus in Zh’vael, standing guard over scry and executor as they enact the will of their patron. As an avatar, bulwark has a singular purpose, to protect the other members of the triumvirate at all costs.
Bulwark appears as an enormous marble statue, reaching upwards of 30 feet in height. Her form mirrors that of her creator: a woman with long, braided hair, draped in silks, and covered in ornate metal armors.
Bulwark is the protector of each nexus, but that does not make her aggressive. It is her task to prevent any interruption to the work of weaving the Great Tapestry, but she will allow travelers to approach – although often with a stern warning. Should they appear to be anything but genuine in their intents, bulwark will not hesitate to strike.
Immense • Signature Talent
The bulwark gains the immense differentia.
Greatsword • Signature • Weapon
Hands: 1, Range: nearby, Check: Bravery vs Steel, Damage: 2d8
The greatsword requires at least 5 Bravery to equip.
Magic Resist • 10 Danger Talent
The bulwark gains the magic resist differentia.
Massive Slam • 10 Danger • Action
The bulwark makes a Bravery vs Adventure check against all nearby characters; for each success, that character takes d6 damage, and is knocked directly backwards 5 spaces.
Notes: Characters can't be moved through solid obstructions, but could be pushed through breakable objects at the narrator's discretion.
Bulwark • Seraphim • Bestiary Entry
430 Danger


Found in:
  • Zh'vael

Common loot:
  • Curiosity