Found in small groups amongst the burgs, countryside, and alleys, the cinderkin are devilish little creatures that aim to steal what they can, and injure anything in their way. They are strange monsters, no more than a foot or so in height, but incredibly fast and vicious. They are stocky, and appear to be made of smoldering coals, although their flesh is far less resilient than it would appear.
They will swarm a victim in numbers, slashing, biting, and scratching in attempt to take down their prey. Sometimes they intend to sow chaos and destruction, stealing and damaging before fleeing; other times their intent is to feast on a victim, tearing out organs from the still living mortal and relishing in the victory of the slaughter.
Cinderkin appear in groups of at least 3; they will fight to the death in all cases – they have a very limited intelligence, and behave like cornered animals at all times.
Motivation • Signature Talent
All cinderkin are motivated by either greed or hunger; if motivated by hunger, they will always fight to the death. If motivated by greed, they will attempt to leave with their spoils at the first opportunity.
Thieving Claws • Signature • Action
The cinderkin makes an Adventure vs Wits check against an adjacent character; if successful, they steal either a small or tiny item, or if nothing else, d6 crowns. If they are successful, and are motivated by greed, they must now make a Wits vs Difficulty check - if they pass, they will attempt to retreat for the rest of the encounter (if possible).
Fiesty • 10 Danger Talent
The cinderkin's Attack (Unarmed) can be against either Adventure or Armor, whichever is lower on the target.
Cinderkin • Beast • Bestiary Entry
30 Danger


Found in:
  • Burgs
  • Countryside
  • Alleys

Common loot:
  • Pocket Change
  • Tools
  • Ingredients