Crimson Monarch

Lurking in the shadowy places where mortals often dwell, the crimson monarch disguises its true form by appearing as, and mimicking, the local population. One might pass by a crimson monarch in a crowded market, or at a lord’s ball, without even realizing it. Once the monarch is ready to strike, its true form is revealed. They thirst for the blood of mortals, rising once every few weeks to hunt.
Having a body roughly the size and shape as an adult female human, crimson monarchs have a greyish flesh pulled so tightly across their frame that all of their pulsing red veins are visible. Their eyes are black and red, their fingers twice as long as a man’s, and razor sharp at the end. Their most distinguishing feature, however, are their enormous butterfly wings, an absurd juxtaposition of beauty and beast.
Hide in Plain Sight • Signature • Action
The crimson monarch takes on any mundane appearance it wishes for 1 hour. Anyone who sees it in more than passing must make a Wits vs Charm check; if they pass, they see through disguise, otherwise they will remain convinced for the duration.
Flight • Signature • Action
The crimson monarch can fly for extended durations, with no limitation on height or distance covered.
Razor Nails • Signature Talent
The crimson monarch's Attack (Unarmed) deals d6 + 1 damage.
Drain • 20 Danger • Action
The crimson monarch makes a Bravery vs Steel check against an adjacent target; if successful, it deals d4 damage, and heals for as much as is dealt.
Fast Slashes • 20 Danger Talent
The crimson monarch can treat the Attack (Weapon) action as fast if it uses its Razor Nails.
Crimson Monarch • Horror • Bestiary Entry
350 Danger


Found in:
  • Kingdoms
  • Alleys

Common loot:
  • Pocket Change
  • Threads