Across the moors, and in the deep woods, the silhouette of a unicorn may be seen against what moonlight penetrates such dark lands. Take care, as the creature may not be as it seems. A darkhorn, the shape and size of a unicorn, is a creature of evil intents. It lures travelers towards it with its charming beauty, making promises of wishes to be granted, all while feeding on the deepest fears of its prey.
Its flesh is a midnight blue, its mane a sparkling black, pink, white, and blue. Its eyes are a deep purple, and its horn a crystalline color of such beauty that words cannot be used to describe it. But beware, the darkhorn will drain the very life force from its prey, leaving wilted husks behind.
The darkhorn will use its alluring presence to draw prey closer; after which, it will empower itself by permanently draining characters of their virtues. If defeated, the darkhorn will bargain for its life, and may be convinced to restore some of the lost attributes.
Nethercorn • Signature • Weapon
Hands: 1, Range: adjacent, Check: Bravery vs Armor, Damage: d12
If the nethercorn of a darkhorn is ground up and consumed, the character who consumes it permanently loses 1 Steel (they cannot go below 1 Steel, and that character cannot suffer from another nethercorn). If the nethercorn of a darkhorn is used to top an appropriate weapon (e.g., a spear), that weapon deals +d6 damage.
Darkhorn's Presence • Signature Talent
Any character that stands nearby a darkhorn suffers -2 luck on all Loot actions they take for the next day (if the character has negative luck, it must be applied to the first roll of each action in full).
Alluring • Signature Talent
The darkhorn gains the alluring differentia.
Poison Resist • 10 Danger Talent
The darkhorn gains the poison resist differentia.
Magic Resist • 10 Danger Talent
The darkhorn gains the magic resist differentia.
Vortex • 20 Danger Talent
The darkhorn makes a Magic vs Steel check against a nearby character; if successful, that character's breakpoint is permanently reduced by d4 (to a minimum of 1). Alternatively, the darkhorn can restore any lost breakpoint to a nearby character (no check is required, only breakpoint stolen by this darkhorn can be restored).
Darkhorn • Horror • Bestiary Entry
735 Danger


Found in:
  • Moors
  • Deep Woods

Common loot:
  • Curiosities