Through curses, dark magics, or accidents in Zh’vael, occasionally the soul of a deceased individual will not travel to their anchor before their golden thread is severed. This lost spirit is now damned to wander the land; often found in the moors, where the connections to Zh’vael are the highest, empties desperately seek a way to their eternal home, violently lashing out at any living thing they encounter.
Empties are any ghosts or apparitions of any formerly living creature that are trapped outside of Zh’vael. They are violent, and difficult to handle; if destroyed, the soul will vanish.
Incorporeal • Signature Talent
The empty gains the incorporeal differentia.
Wail • Signature • Action
The empty makes a Charm vs Steel check against a nearby character; if successful, the character suffers d4 damage, and cannot target the empty with any action on its next turn. If a natural 10 was rolled for the empty's Charm, the empty may repeat this action immediately (as a free action), targeting a character not yet targeted by Wail this turn (increase the Steel of the target by 1 for each time this action has repeated this turn).
A Moment to Bless • Signature Talent
For one minute after falling unconscious, an adjacent character can make a single attempt to pass the empty's soul to Zh'vael, otherwise it will be lost forever. To do so, the character must make a Steel vs Difficulty +4 check, or instead, consume one thread.
Frightening • 10 Danger Talent
The empty gains the frightening differentia.
Ghostly Limbs • 10 Danger Talent
The empty's Attack (Unarmed) deals 2d3 damage.
Flying • 20 Danger Talent
The empty gains the flying differentia.
Empty • Threadless • Bestiary Entry
105 Danger


Found in:
  • Moors

Common loot:
  • Crowns