Across all the realms, anywhere that Fae’la has been spotted, one could encounter one of her brood. A fae’dra, a dragon avatar and daughter of the great Fae’la, incubates in an egg for one hundred years. After which, it hatches and quickly grows to maturity – reaching 20 feet in length, covered in dark black and iridescent scales, these creatures are apex predators.
Fae’dra may come from the mountains or caverns to hunt in the countryside. They will consume livestock and mortals. They are attracted to gold, and will horde piles of it in their nests.
Flight • Signature • Action
The fae'dra can fly for extended durations, with no limitation on height or distance covered.
Claws • Signature Talent
The fae'dra's Attack (Unarmed) deals d12 damage.
Tail Attack • 30 Danger • Action
The fae'dra makes an Adventure vs Adventure check against all nearby characters that are to the side or behind her; for each success, the character is dealt 2d8 damage, and can only take one action on their next turn.
Fast Slashes • 20 Danger Talent
The fae'dra can treat the Attack (Unarmed) action as fast if it uses its Claws.
Fire Breath • 30 Danger • Action
The fae'dra makes a Magic vs Steel check against all characters in a cone in front of her, up to nearby distance away; for each success, the character is dealt d6 + Magic damage, for each failure deal d4 damage.
Fae'dra • Beast • Bestiary Entry
715 Danger


Found in:
  • Countryside

Common loot:
  • Treasure