Found floating around Zh’vael, industus might for a moment be mistaken for an executioner. Industus, however, have no tie to Athya; their golden mechanical bodies, a dizzying array of gears and legs, draped in red and black silks, stalk the cracked landscape, aggressively attacking any that draw near.
Industus can be heard from a distance, spouting obscure prophecies, and can be observed humming to the rhythm of a golden thread that passes by, sometimes caressing or even licking it. Industus have a central body which displays a mask from the torso; at will, the industus will retreat the mask, rotating some internal mechanism, displaying a second or even third mask as its face.
Industus are addicted to the harmonies and flavors of the golden threads. They interact with them gently, but any interaction at all can cause a ripple effect on the life attached to that thread. When approached, they will react quickly, willing to kill or maim anyone that might prevent them from feeling the threads.
Many Faces • Signature Talent
At the start of each turn, the industus rotates its mask, starting with golden, and moving to obsidian, then opal, before returning to golden.
  • Golden Mask - The range on Razor Silks is far.
  • Obsidian Mask - Any attempt to target the industus with any action requires a successful Bravery vs Difficulty +2 check to attempt.
  • Opal Mask - The industus has Magic Resist.
Razor Silks • Signature • Weapon
Hands: 1, Range: nearby, Check: Bravery vs Adventure, Damage: d8
Once per encounter, an Attack (Weapon) action using razor silks can be fast.
Poison Resist • 10 Danger Talent
The industus gains the poison resist differentia.
Industus • Seraphim • Bestiary Entry
350 Danger


Found in:
  • Zh'vael

Common loot:
  • Threads
  • Threads