Found on the edges of the countryside and the deep woods, nettlings appear to be humanoid from a distance. When approached, nettlings are revealed to be thorn-covered vine-like amalgamations, animated by prolonged exposure to a suit of spiretech armor, which they now occupy.
Nettlings are mindless, they are plants given animation, contained within an ancient and ornate set of armor. They move erratically, the steps and swings seem plodding and unnatural. But they still pose a high level of danger, as their thorn-covered vines and poisonous prickles can lash out from any crack in the ancient metal.
Nettlings are dangerous creatures; they are often motivated by the wrongs done to the former wearer of the armor, ancient memories implanted in their roots that must be avenged. The enchantment in the armor has long since seeped into the ground, converting the natural flora into something dangerous – when the nettling is defeated, the armor will crumble to a rusted scrap.
Poison Shards • Signature • Action
The nettling makes an Adventure vs Adventure check against all adjacent characters; for each success, the character is poisoned (4).
Poison Resist • Signature Talent
The nettling gains the poison resist differentia.
Seizing Poison • 10 Danger Talent
Any time a nettling would inflict a poisoned condition, it also inflicts a slowed condition for the same duration.
Nettle Spear • 10 Danger • Weapon
Hands: 1, Range: nearby, Check: Adventure vs Adventure, Damage: 1
The nettle spear also inflict poisoned (6).
Nettling • Horror • Bestiary Entry
135 Danger


Found in:
  • Deep Woods
  • Countryside

Common loot:
  • Faecorns
  • Devices Complexity 1