A bastardization of the steeds of legend, the nightmare is a jet-black horse of unusual size, with flaming eyes, mane, and hooves. Doubtless it once was one of the foals of Norami, it now stalks the moors, singeing the ground it walks upon.
Nightmares are territorial and aggressive but are willing to ignore intruders who seem to be moving on. Should one dally in the land of a nightmare, the beast will surely strike.
Anywhere a nightmare walks, the ground ignites in fire for a short time. The trail of a nightmare is exceptionally easy to follow; identifying when one has entered the territory of the beast is also fairly simple for this same reason.
Flaming Hooves • Signature Talent
The nightmare lights the ground on fire anywhere it walks. Any successful adjacent Attack against the nightmare will ignite the attacker, causing d3 damage at the start of their next 3 turns. An action can be spent by that character, or an adjacent one, to put out the flames.
Poison Resist • 10 Danger Talent
The nightmare gains the poison resist differentia.
Nightmare • Beast • Bestiary Entry
265 Danger


Found in:
  • Moors

Common loot:
  • Ingredients