Rat King

Living in the hidden places near busy alleys and under basements, the presence of a rat king can be felt by those around as plague and sickness spread while food stores go missing.
The visage of a rat king is a sight to behold; a swirling amalgamation of rats coalesce into the form of a giant rat – varying in size from 8 to 20 feet in height; a glowing greenish energy holding the creatures together, alighting its "mouth" and "eyes", and oozing from each crack in undulating body. Its voice booms while the individuals chitter along, creating a haunting and creepy soundscape.
Rat kings are held together by magic, creating a single entity. As they are damaged, they may simply shed individuals, who, broken from the spell, may react aggressively. Rat kings will, without hesitation, attack any threat in their lair, taunting and cackling the entire time.
Greater than It's Parts • Signature Talent
The rat king's Steel is determined by the number of rats it is comprised of (starting at 8). Whenever a rat king would be weakened, instead, it loses a single rat instead (if it reaches 0 Steel, it dies immediately). Each time a rat king loses a rat in this way, it rolls a d10 - on a 5+, the lost rat appears adjacent to it as a vermin.
Claws and Teeth • Signature Talent
The rat king's Attack (Unarmed) uses its Bravery attribute, and deals d3 damage for each rat it is comprised of.
Poison Resist • 10 Danger Talent
The rat king gains the poison resist differentia.
Corrosion • 20 Danger • Action
The rat king makes a Charm vs Armor check against a nearby character; if successful, damage a random piece of armor that character is wearing; it provides no further benefit until it is repaired by an expert for 1 day. If the rat king has 5+ Steel, this action is fast.
Rat King • Beast • Bestiary Entry
440 Danger


Found in:
  • Alleys
  • Countryside

Common loot:
  • Treasure
  • Treasure
  • King's Ransom