The negative energies that swirl about Sh’than after its shattering can manifest around the lost armor of a long-fallen mortal; the shadowy creature that inhabits and animates this gear taints it black, warping the physical appearance into something dreadful and dangerous to behold.
The umbra, a creature of pure negativity, made physical by its embodiment, wanders Sh’than, and will be intensely drawn to any active mirrors, hoping to find its way to Xan’rius to cause damage and inflict pain and death.
Umbras come from Sh’than and have no intention of returning. Once in Xan’rius, they will stick to the outskirts of civilization if possible, wandering around at night, murdering commoners they find on the roads, or anyone lost in the countryside.
Equipment • Signature Talent
The umbra is always equipped with either a morningstar or battleaxe, as well as three pieces of light armor (making its armor a 3).
Frightening • Signature Talent
The umbra gains the frightening differentia.
Thorns (2) • Signature Talent
The umbra gains the throns (2) differentia.
Magic Resist • 10 Danger Talent
The umbra gains the magic resist differentia.
Umbra • Horror • Bestiary Entry
160 Danger


Found in:
  • Sh'than
  • Countryside

Common loot:
  • Equipment
  • Ingredients