Rumors of a unicorn in the area will often bring travelers from near and far – sighting such a beast is said to bring great luck to the viewer. Typically white, with a shimmery rainbow mane and tail, and a pearled horn protruding from the head, these horse-like creatures are found in the deep woods and rarely the countryside.
Unicorns are non-aggressive beasts (although they will fight to defend themselves). Their natural presence is alluring – if they attract mortals, they will often impart some knowledge, or perhaps a blessing. Less scrupulous individuals may attack a unicorn, as the horn, when ground into a powder and consumed, is said to increase one’s affinity to the magics of the world.
Alicorn • Signature • Weapon
Hands: 1, Range: adjacent, Check: Bravery vs Armor -2, Damage: d10
If the alicorn of a unicorn is ground up and consumed, the character who consumes it permanently gains +1 Magic (that character cannot benefit from another alicorn). If the alicorn of a unicorn is used to top an appropriate weapon (e.g., a spear), that weapon deals +d3 damage, and reduces its check against Armor by 2.
Unicorn's Presence • Signature Talent
Any character that stands nearby a unicorn gains +2 luck on all Loot actions they take for the next day.
Lord • Signature Talent
The unicorn gains the lord differentia.
Magic Resist • 10 Danger Talent
The unicorn gains the magic resist differentia.
Poison Resist • 10 Danger Talent
The unicorn gains the poison resist differentia.
Alluring • 20 Danger Talent
The unicorn gains the alluring differentia.
Charming Gaze • 20 Danger • Action
Once per encounter, the unicorn can gaze at a nearby character; that character is charmed.
Unicorn • Beast • Bestiary Entry
680 Danger


Found in:
  • Countryside
  • Deep Woods

Common loot:
  • Curiosities