A wailing roar, disturbing to the core, is the first sign that an ursun is in the area; found in the deep woods, and rarely on the edges of the countryside, this enormous beast hunts anything small enough for it to consume. Ursun tend to reside in caves, hibernating until their hunger grows. These enormous bear-like creatures are nearly twenty feet high when on all fours, and nearly thirty feet in height when on their back legs.
Perhaps the most horrifying thing, beyond their enormous mass, is the swarming writhing mass of poisonous tentacles that erupt from their mouth when it opens. Ursun are covered in razor- sharp spikes and have claws to match. They are a challenged for an entire company of well- trained soldiers and should be avoided at all costs.
Ursun are beasts, through and through. They have no means of communication, and they have no magical affinities. They are, however, enormous, with unbelievable strength and fortitude. They will not hesitate to attack any mortal.
Claws • Signature Talent
The ursun's Attack (Unarmed) deals d6 damage.
Frightening • Signature Talent
The ursun gains the frightening differentia.
Immense • Signature Talent
The ursun gains the immense differentia.
Poison Tentacles • 20 Danger • Action
The ursun spews forth poison tentacles from its mouth, making an Adventure vs Adventure check against a nearby character; if successful, the character is poisoned (d6).
Thorns (4) • 40 Danger Talent
The ursun gains the thorns (4) differentia.
Ursun • Beast • Bestiary Entry
380 Danger


Found in:
  • Deep Woods
  • Countryside

Common loot:
  • Ingredients
  • Ingredients