There are three ingredients found throughout the kingdoms that characters may require for various actions. These are faecorns, threads, and widgets. When a character encounters any of these items (in any quantity) they may opt to immediately (for convenience) convert them into their crowns value; alternatively, they can record them and use them as needed. Faecorns can be consumed to gain a small enchantment, threads can be unraveled to manipulate time, and widgets are used to analyze, calibrate, and operate devices. In all cases, any action that uses either of these items requires them as a prerequisite, and consumes them upon use.
Faecorns are small, enchanted seeds that glitter on inspection. They are roughly half an inch across, and are a dark blue with a rich green leaf sticking out the top. A faecorn is valued at 5 crowns.
Threads are golden and glittery strands of soul and reality that taper to a fine point on either end. A thread is valued at 10 crowns.
Widgets are small spiretech elements of various shapes and configurations. They are made of a hard, stone-like substance that is lightweight but incredibly durable. Various intricate, geometric glowing lines cross the widget, wrapping all around it. A widget is valued at 10 crowns.