Tools, Goods, and Services

Commonly available tools, goods, and services can be found by characters in most populated parts of the world. Be it climbing gear, field rations, a day laborer, or just a hot meal and roof for the night.
Tools broadly fit into two categories: common or expert. Common tools can often be had for 50 commons, and include such things as a simple hammer, a length of rope, or a blanket. Expert tools cost 10 crowns, and include such things as lockpicking tools, jewelers precision instruments, or a set of fine needles. Expert tools may be required by the narrator to accomplish a task (where it would otherwise simply be impossible to perform without them).
Goods include all consumables, such as rations, meals, bandages, and more. Simple goods such as a normal meal at an inn will run 25 commons; rations can also be had for this price. More elaborate goods can be any appropriate price - an expert feast for a king could easily cost hundreds of crowns.
Services can also be purchased at the narrator's discretion. The cost for a simple laborer for a day is 50 commons - such labor would be unskilled manual work during daylight. Expert labor will charge more, with crafting projects costing 5 crowns per day plus materials, academic tasks (such as legal, research, etc.) running 10 crowns per day, and mercenary services also costing about 10 crowns per day.