Welcome to the Twilight Kingdoms, a fantasy world full of powerful magics, mysterious creatures, ancient artifacts, and enchanted places.
Throughout the world, most mortals live their lives in and around various kingdoms - these walled castles mark the seats of most civilization, and harbor bustling cities full of merchants, artists, tradesman, and more. The recent rise in innovation has led to new discoveries - many kingdoms are now interconnected by rail lines, with stops at many small towns throughout the countryside. It is a prosperous time for the average person, and high society is in full swing.
Many a wandering soul may choose to leave their homes in search of adventure. Following the road or riding the line outward, they may pass villages and towns much like their own, with brightly colored houses and small bustling markets. In the distance, they are likely to spot a faerie tale castle or two - these palaces are often erected in the countryside within a days journey of their patron kingdom, and offer glamorous retreats for the well-to-do. Should the traveler's path bring them to the darker corners of the world, passing by eerie moors, or swamps who twinkle with the allure of lost treasures, they may be fortunate enough to spot one of the famous Bobbin burgs - mobile cities - on the move. No trip to the wildest places would be complete without a view into the past - one of the spires, from a different age, most likely collapsed, but perhaps still piercing the sky, reminds the adventurer of a time when things were not so bright for the denizens of the world.
Returning to a kingdom, adventurers will find a large city surrounding an old and functional fortress of a castle, still occupied by the sovereign of that land, and used as an official seat of government. The city itself explodes with life - wealthy estates line the desired streets, rows of homes hold professionals and artisans, and the back alleys house the criminal elements and those simply down on their luck. All manner of goods and services, from magical requests to culinary delights, can be found in most any kingdom.
The world teems with excitement, and all the mortal species - from the Kingmakers to Krakaw, the Muris to the Sprit, all share in the collective good they have managed to construct. This has come at quite the cost - the past was far from idyllic, and danger still lurks in the shadows.
The following topics expand on the setting of the Twilight Kingdoms, providing a rich backdrop for all players to collectively pull from.
  • History - The history of the world to the present day, spanning five ages.
  • Cosmology - This world is not the only realm, each interconnected in mysterious ways.
  • Religion - In modern times, a rise in interest in the pagan gods of the revel has returned.
The world is full of a myriad of mortal species, each with their own unique cultures. These species are detailed in Species.