Found in the depths of the twinkling swamp, the moors, and occasionally the deep woods, the anur is an enormous creature of great wisdom and deep hunger. The anur typically rests in a murky pond large enough to conceal its bulk, eyes peeking out over the stagnant water, waiting for prey.
The anur resembles an enormous toad, often 12 to 15 feet in height, and equally as round; its greenish-grey body is covered in warts and blisters. It has 8 eyes, each capable of independent movement, and it rises off the ground held up by 6 human-like legs.
The anur is immensely intelligent, and is one of the few beasts that can be reasoned with, but only if the anur believes it is in a losing position; otherwise, it is happy to eat the stray adventurer whole.
The anur will be quick to aggress on trespassers if it feels it has the upper hand; if it believes the adventurers are equipped to defeat it, it will either try to remain hidden, or in the event it is found, bargain with any wisdom or information about the surrounding area that it has.
Lashing Tongue • Signature • Action
The anur makes a Charm vs Adventure check against a nearby character. If successful, the character is wrapped in the anur's tongue. At the start of each turn, the character suffers d6 damage, and can make a Bravery vs Steel check to break free of the tongue - doing so costs their action. The anur cannot use this action if it is currently holding another character.
Bulbous Warts • 20 Danger Talent
The anur is covered in bulbous warts that secret a poisonous hallucinogen. Any physical contact with the anur (including all melee attacks made against it) causes a Steel vs Difficulty + 2 check; if failed, the character is Poisoned (2) and Slowed (2).
Crushing Legs • 20 Danger Talent
The anur adds d4 damage to each Attack (Unarmed) it makes.
Anur • Beast • Bestiary Entry
195 Danger


Found in:
  • Twinkling Swamps
  • Moors
  • Deep Woods

Common loot:
  • Pocket Change
  • Widgets