The Bestiary contains a list of all species found in the four realms. These species are divided into five distinct categories:
  • Mortals - the mortal species, natives to Xan'rius
  • Fae - the various Houses of Fae, natives to Fae'rela
  • Beasts - large creatures, with simple motivations
  • Horrors - unnatural and terrifying creatures
  • Threadless - non-living entities created for specific purposes


Each entry contains a template for an average member of that species - these templates can be used to quickly create an NPC. Templates contain the necessary character attributes, as well as:
  • Challenge Rating - this is a rough estimation of the difficulty or power level of an NPC using this template
  • Differentia - some NPC templates may start with various differentia, see below

Challenge Rating

Each entry in the Bestiary has a challenge rating. This is a number from 1 to 8 that gives the narrator a rough idea of how challenging the NPC is. Challenge here refers to combat or other adversarial behavior, and isn't very relevant if the NPC is not expected to be aggressive. The rating is a rough estimate - it is not linear, and does not directly correlate to any observed player character powers. It can be read as the following:
  1. Weaker than an average low-powered player character
  2. On par with a non-starting player character
  3. About matched to a small group of low-powered player characters
  4. Too tough for a small group of low-powered player characters, but on par with a developed group
  5. Challenging for all small groups of player characters that are not extremely well developed
  6. Very hard for small groups of player characters, even with the help of machines, masteries, and advanced skills
  7. On a different scale than mortals - perhaps can be handled by an army with very heavy casualties
  8. Not intended to be defeated by players in any way


While the narrator is free to modify any template as desired for a particular NPC, a common way to do this is to add differentia. The differentia section includes a suite of modifications that can be applied to any template; each will also suggest how much the challenge rating of the NPC increases by adding the differentia.
Some templates have a few to begin with - their challenge rating has already been adjusted accordingly.