Constructed during the age of the spires, these independent creatures are made of the same stony material as spiretech. Winged beasts with horrifying visages, these creatures are of medium size, and sport vicious talons and large fangs.
Perched atop castles and ruins, grotesques often lie dormant for extended periods of time, their stone skin allowing them to blend in with the statuary and décor of their surroundings. The intricate lines of spiretech power that trace their body are extremely subtle while the grotesque is dormant - but flare to light when the creature detects a threat nearby.
Grotesques were designed as defenders of a location. While they were primarily used to defend both the outer and inner areas of a spire, many were also stationed elsewhere throughout the world. With the fall of the spires, grotesques were often faced with the decision to follow their design and continue to defend the ruins left behind, or to break from their programming, and seek a new area to guard.
Constructed for Defense • Signature • Action
The grotesque was built as a defensive creature in ancient times. They fiercely defend the area they consider their territory. A grotesque will typically attack intruders on sight, but is intelligent enough to be reasoned with in certain circumstances, in which case it will back down.
Flight • Signature • Action
The grotesque can fly for extended durations, with no limitation on height or distance covered.
Vicious Claws • 10 Danger Talent
The grotesque adds d4 damage to each Attack (Unarmed) it makes.
Regenerative Spiretech • 20 Danger Talent
The grotesque heals d4 damage at the start of each turn while in the light of Sh'than.
Grotesque • Beast • Bestiary Entry
45 Danger


Found in:
  • Spires
  • Kingdoms

Common loot:
  • Widgets