Prowling the countryside and the deep woods, wikkeds – enormous slavering wolf-like creatures – hunger for their next meal. Typically, wikkeds only emerge from their hiding places at night, and have an affinity for nights where the moon is full or mostly full.
They hunt alone and in packs, searching for easy prey. They are deathly silent and will enter a domicile (if they can fit) and steal children or the elderly to feast upon. Their tracks can often be found near pastures, after which an assessment of the flock will find the count is low.
Wikkeds are beasts that cannot be reasoned with or communicated with. They are exceptionally aggressive, attacking anything on sight. They also understand when the tide has turned and will flee back to their hiding places to lick their wounds. They can be found solo, or in packs of up to three.
Teeth and Claws • Signature Talent
The wikked's Attack (Unarmed) deals d6 + 1 damage.
Unnatural Speed • Signature Talent
Once per encounter the wikked may triple its movement (this is not an action).
Frightening • 10 Danger Talent
The wikked gains the frightening differentia.
Thorns (2) • 20 Danger Talent
The wikked gains the thorns (2) differentia.
Wikked • Beast • Bestiary Entry
65 Danger


Found in:
  • Deep Woods
  • Countryside

Common loot:
  • Crowns
  • Potions