Prismatics are humanoid creatures made of crystalline light that wander the void of Zh’vael. When they encounter a golden thread of their liking, they follow it to one of the other realms, where they attempt to feast on the affinity of their targets.
Standing as high as a human, the features of a prismatic are hard to identify. They glitter and glow with a myriad of colors, shining and reflecting from their crystalline forms. At times, they can make themselves immaterial, allowing them to pass through translucent objects before solidifying again.
Prismatics appear in groups of 3 or more; they are mindless creatures that feed off magical energies. They are drawn from their world along golden threads and seek any source of magic to consume.
Phase Shift • Signature • Action
Once per encounter, as a free action, the prismatic can switch from hard to soft light (remaining so for 2 turns). While in soft light form, the prismatic gains the incorporeal differentia, and can pass through any transparent or translucent material.
Magic Reflection • Signature Talent
Whenever the prismatic would take damage from a Magic action, half the damage (rounded up) is reflected back to the character who took the action.
Magic Resist • Signature Talent
The prismatic gains the magic resist differentia.
Crystalline Claws • 10 Danger Talent
The prismatic's Attack (Unarmed) deals 2d3 damage.
Refraction • 10 Danger • Action
The prismatic makes a Magic vs Steel check against all other nearby characters; for each success, that character takes d3 damage.
Prismatic • Horror • Bestiary Entry
250 Danger


Found in:
  • Zh'vael
  • Xan'rius
  • Sh'than

Common loot:
  • Threads