Entius fae are among the largest fae, standing taller than a human on average. They are covered in bark or thorns, and may have leaves, vines, or other deep forest growth on them. From a distance, some entius can easily be mistaken for trees – even up close this mistake can still be made to the less observant.
Entius fae exhibit no signs of gender or age. While their appearance may vary drastically, from looking like a bark-covered humanoid, to looking mostly like a tree, entius can be commonly identified by a few characteristics that would set them apart from some of the lesser Houses that might also physically resemble plant-life.
Entius are, first and foremost, deliberate and slow actors – their movements and decisions are ponderously sluggish, often to the great impatience and irritation of mortals and other fae alike. Entius observe actions and change on time scales that mortals can’t comprehend, and only a few fae would bother with.
The House of Entius is a truly ancient pillar of fae society. Entius are concerned with change on a geologic scale, and have no interest or need to interact with mortals. Anything a mortal can do is likely of no impact to the interests of an entius Fae. Entius have been known to stand and watch a tree grow from a sapling to its full height without moving. Changing the course of a river by placing a large rock and allowing nature to handle the rest would not be unusual for an entius fae.
Entius are notorious loners who stick to the deep woods. They tend to shy away from civilized society and other inhabited lands. Entius are generally amenable if approached by mortals – but their slow responses and clearly distant thoughts make engaging with them challenging. An entius is likely to use antiquated proverbs with little or no explanation; they may repeat themselves rather than provide further information when asked. Entius are the least violent and aggressive of the six great Houses – even provoking an entius can be challenging.
In entius society, all fae seem to know each other, if not their specific motives and current whereabouts. Asking an entius about another is likely to receive a confirmation that they have met.
Some entius may be territorial regarding their area – destruction of their forests may incur wrath. This is not guaranteed however, as some entius view mortals as part of the natural force that changes the land over time – they will typically allow such actions and observe them, bringing the changes wrought into the fold of their grand plans.
Entius are almost never aggressive; they would only engage in a dire situation if they were directly threatened, or if some element of nature that they consider important was threatened. In many cases, even the latter is insufficient to provoke them, as they consider mortals a force of nature, so the felling of a great tree might simply be seen as part of the necessity of change.
Tree Limbs • Signature Talent
The entius' Attack (Unarmed) deals d8 + Bravery damage.
Magic Resist • Signature Talent
The entius gains the magic resist differentia.
Rejuvinate • 10 Danger Talent
Once per encounter, the entius makes a Magic vs Difficulty check against an adjacent character; if successful, the target is healed for 2d8 damage.
Entangling Limbs • 20 Danger Talent
The entius makes a Magic vs Difficulty check; if successful, the entius selects a nearby space - all characters in or adjacent to that space are slowed (3).
Entius • Fae • Bestiary Entry
350 Danger


Found in:
  • Deep Woods
  • Moors

Common loot:
  • Faecorns
  • Faecorns
  • Faecorns