Natives to Sh’than, but able to cross mirrors (even inactive ones) at will, emotions come to Xan’rius to feed on the life force of mortals. They are found throughout civilized lands, supping at the willpower and very essence of those around them.
Emotions appear as nondescript humanoids; they blend in effortlessly in a crowd – focusing on them is challenging at best, as they are so uninteresting that they slip from the mind with ease. Their physical form is not terribly threatening, but their very touch can drain the spirit from the body.
Emotions prefer to act in secret; often they will seek out crowds, and feed small bits of life force from those around them, although not so much as to be noticed. If in less populated areas, they may feed in secret at night, slipping into a bedroom regularly, keeping a victim in a seemingly endless state of illness.
Draining Touch • Signature Talent
Any time the emotion makes a successful Attack, or simply touches another character, that character is cursed.
Mirror State • Signature Talent
The emotion can travel between Xan'rius and Sh'than at will (it takes a full minute of concentration to do so).
Fingertips • 10 Danger Talent
The emotion's Attack (Unarmed) deals d4 damage.
Indistinct • 10 Danger Talent
While the emotion is in a crowd, it is difficulty to notice or identify, requiring a successful Wits vs Difficulty +2 check to spot.
Emotion • Horror • Bestiary Entry
70 Danger


Found in:
  • Sh'than
  • Xan'rius

Common loot:
  • Potions
  • Threads