Eldis Odder

Since the shattering of Sh’than, in its most remote corners, far from even the reaches of the Princes, lurk the otherkin, the eldis odders. These are beings of the pure energy cosmic energy, amalgamations of hatred and fear given form. These horrors feed on the souls of any that cross their path, acting as a form of cosmic cleansing, they reach across the thread of the damned, consuming their anchor in Zh’vael.
Otherkin are confusing and terrifying to behold. A constantly realigning body of flesh, mirrors, tentacles, and eyes. They may appear humanoid at first glance, but their shape is so fluid that it is impossible to pin down, increasingly appearing to be a shape that doesn’t fit in reality.
The eldis odder will aggressively attack anything it finds, including others of its kind. It is ferocious, and highly dangerous. Should it manage a kill, it will consume the dead, absorbing their very essence, anchor and all – this will dramatically increase its power. Young eldis odders may not yet have fed on enriched souls, and so will still be relatively weak and easier to dispatch.
Consuming • Signature Talent
The eldis odder gains the consuming differentia.
Consumed Souls • Signature Talent
When an eldis odder consumes a soul, it consumes their thread as well (the character can never be resurrected in any way). When it does this, it permanently gains +10 breakpoint, +1 Bravery, +1 Adventure, and +1 Steel. An eldis odder can be encountered having already consumed any number of souls.
Tentacles • Signature Talent
The eldis odder's Attack (Unarmed) deals additional damage equal to the number of souls the creature has consumed.
Poison Resist • 10 Danger Talent
The eldis odder gains the poison resist differentia.
Frightening • 10 Danger Talent
The eldis odder gains the frightening differentia.
Eldis Odder • Horror • Bestiary Entry
120 Danger


Found in:
  • Sh'than

Common loot:
  • Devices Complexity 1