Creatures of pure magic, echoes can naturally traverse any mirror they encounter, regardless of its energy source. They read the minds of nearby mortals, and instantly take the form of someone from their past: a lost love, a deceased friend, or a recent acquaintance; they flawlessly mimic remembered behaviors, appearing exactly as the mortal recalls.
Echoes travel between realms with ease; they will always appear as someone from a mortal’s past and will behave as that mortal recalls them to behave. Echoes have unique motivations, although most seek experience and emotion, as they have none of their own.
Hide in Plain Sight • Signature • Action
The echo takes on any mundane appearance they desire for one hour. Any character attempting to see through the disguise must make a Wits vs Wits check, or will be fooled for the duration. Part of the appearance may be to manifest any mundane equipment; if the echo dies, this equipment dissolves immediately.
Notes: No character will automatically attempt that check - they must consciously decide to.
Probe • Signature • Action
As a fast action, the echo makes a Wits vs Steel check against a nearby character; if successful, the echo clearly sees d3 important characters from the target's memory (e.g., parents, loved ones, lost friends, etc.). The echo can use these images as reference when taking the Hide in Plain Sight action.
Hypnotic Gaze • Signature • Action
The echo makes a Charm vs Steel check against a nearby character; if successful, the target is hypnotized by the echo, and cannot attempt to harm it in any way until the echo dies, releases it, or an hour has passed. The echo can only hypnotize one character at a time.
Magic Resist • 10 Danger Talent
The echo gains the magic resist differentia.
Mirror State • 10 Danger Talent
The echo can travel between Xan'rius and Sh'than at will (it takes a full minute of concentration to do so).
Echo • Horror • Bestiary Entry
165 Danger


Found in:
  • Sh'than
  • Xan'rius

Common loot:
  • Equipment
  • Crowns