Native to the twinkling swamps, nordles are disgusting little beasts that will attack any nearby threat. Their fat and round bodies are covered in a mottled pinkish flesh, their faces roughly that of a pig or boar. They are about 3 feet across, covered in thorny spikes, and with four legs that end in human-like hands.
Nordles hang from the rotting trees in the swamps, swinging about from branch to branch. When on the ground, they move perched at the tips of their fingers, sometimes undulating the digits to create a massaging effect of locomotion. Nordles look awful, and smell worse; their flesh is not safe for consumption.
Nordles are unintelligent animals and will attack just about anything around them. If they are seriously injured, they will attempt to escape either into the swamp, up a tree, or into any available hiding spot.
Creepy Digits • Signature Talent
The nordle's Attack (Unarmed) deals d4 damage. Any character damaged by this attack must make a Bravery vs Adventure check; if failed, they are creeped out by the nordle's appendages, and must spend movement whenever allowed to stay out of adjacent range.
Thorns (2) • 20 Danger Talent
The nordle gains the thorns (2) differentia.
Nordle • Beast • Bestiary Entry
20 Danger


Found in:
  • Twinkling Swamp

Common loot:
  • Ingredients
  • Tools