Bobbins are a numerous species of thin, small, sometimes vicious people. Standing barely more than half the height of an average human, bobbins have green, grey, and tan skin, with black or red eyes, and long pointed ears. While plenty live or work amongst the kingdoms and villages, bobbins traditionally have homes in their "burgs", mobile and somewhat mechanised encampments that tend to hang around the borders of the countryside and the more wild parts of the world. Bobbins in a burg associate with one of two traditional paths - the path of embers and the path of the rock; those of the path of embers defer authority to the elders, while the those of the path of rock defer to the strongest. Together, these leaders form a council that decides when the burg will move, and to where. Individual bobbins will come and go, many often having a great deal of wanderlust that can last for years. In kingdoms society, their quick to anger disposition has earned them a bit of a negative reputation, but those that are trustworthy can be extraordinarily loyal.
Well EquippedWyldefolk Perk
Gain either 1 thread, 1 widget, or 1 basic melee weapon of your choice when creating a wyldefolk.
ViciousBobbin Perk
Gain +1 critical on all Attack actions. This reduces the natural critical roll required by 1.
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