A head shorter than the average human, the chaxxi fae are immediately identifiable due to a variety of unique physical properties. Their skin can be various shades of red, purple, bronze, and black, and their eyes often subtly glow (and can be nearly any color). They have two horns protruding from their heads - some are larger, others small. Their bodies are often covered in tattoos or ritual scars - something most evident as the chaxxi as famous for wearing the least amount of clothing to be allowed in whatever society they keep. Their long, pointed and lacquered fingernails complete the ensemble, given them a disturbing, and borderline "evil" appearance. They are loners, rarely interacting with others of their kind, instead seeking out other mortals as play-things, caring little for decorum or societal norms.
A Piece of Fae'relaFae Perk
Gain an additional 3 faecorns when creating a fae.
Mark a ToyChaxxi Perk
As an action, you can mark an adjacent character as your toy; the character can either be willing, or you must succeed on a Charm vs Steel check (if you fail, you can never attempt to mark that character again, unless they are willing). You can only have one marked toy at a time (marking a second will remove the mark on the first). You always know where your toy is in relation to you, and you roughly know their current physical condition.
Chaxxi • Species