Half a head taller than a human, and somewhat bulkier in the midsection, krakaw are a race of crow-like mortals, covered in sleek black and bluish feathers, with a beaked face, taloned feet, and winged arms. They adorn themselves heavily with lavish fabrics, trinkets, baubles, and more, so much so that their form is often largely obscured by the drapery encompassing them. The krakaw are an ancient species of mystics, visionaries, seers, and sorcerers. They lead solitary lives high in the tree-top houses, spending their time studying the great cosmology. Krakaw who leave their home life are often compelled by a great vision they or another has received - in this capacity, they act as emissaries of this information or even as the agents of change itself. To a krakaw, the path may be known, but the destination can still be molded.
Well EquippedWyldefolk Perk
Gain either 1 thread, 1 widget, or 1 basic melee weapon of your choice when creating a wyldefolk.
One With the CosmosKrakaw Perk
When krakaw Read the Tarr’ko, they may add one additional card to their prophecy (this does not cost a thread, nor does the krakaw need to have the Magic to support it; however, it still cannot be a duplicate).
Krakaw • Species