The most common of the mortal fae species, and the image conjured by any who has never met the others, the sprit fae are a lighthearted and playful species. The smallest of the mortal species by a fair margin, they stand typically only two feet tall. Their skin is various shades of blues and greens, with an iridescence that is obvious up close. They have thin builds, and brightly colored hair, and most distinguishing of all a pair of dragonfly-like wings that grant them very capable flight. These fun-loving mortals tend to live in small groups, known as cliques, where they scheme all manner of generally harmless pranks and games to play upon their neighbors. Due to their small size and flight capabilities, they make excellent scouts, while their fickle nature and lack of attention keeps them from more studious exercises.
A Piece of Fae'relaFae Perk
Gain an additional 3 faecorns when creating a fae.
Fae FlightSprit Perk
You may fly at will, so long as your wings are not restrained. Flying consumes your movement at the usual rate; flying up or down consumes one movement for the same distance traveled as if across ground.
Sprit • Species