As characters defeat powerful foes or delve deep in the collapsed ruins of a spire, they may be given the opportunity to Loot. This means the players have found a cache of valuables that they can rummage through to retrieve items of interest to take on their journeys.
When the narrator determines, a Loot roll (Adventure action) can be performed. The narrator will determine how many and which loot tables are part of this check, at which point a single character can make the roll (it is up to the players to determine which of them will make the roll).
To roll on a loot table, refer to the specific table in question, and roll the die or dice it requires. The result will determine which rewards are found.

Rolling on Another Table

Some entries on a loot table will specify that you now roll on another table, for example, a roll of 20 on the "Faecorns" table doesn't reward any faecorns, but instead says "Roll on the Faecorn Bounty Table". In this case, simply refer to the new table that is being referenced, and make the appropriate roll there instead.
This new roll is still part of the same Loot action.

Rolling on Multiple Tables

If the narrator has determined that this Loot action targets multiple tables (either different ones, or multiple of the same type), they will specify this. Each is rolled on in turn (and any other tables that are referenced can be resolved immediately).
Each of these rolls are all considered part of the same Loot action.


When a character takes a Loot action, they immediately gain luck equal to their current Adventure attribute for that action. Some effects can increase luck beyond that value as well.
Any time any die is rolled during a loot action, any amount of luck may be spent by the character to adjust that die up or down by the spent amount. Keep in mind that the luck value is for the entire action, whereas each individual roll is part of the action.
For example, a character with 3 luck is told to roll on the Faecorns table and the Crowns table. They choose to roll on the Faecorns table first, and roll a 19. They spend 1 luck to increase it to a 20, and can now roll on the Faecorn Bounty table. Rolling there, they score a 14, and spend their remaining 2 luck to upgrade to a 16, claiming 6 faecorns as their find. Now they go to roll on the Crowns table, but have no further luck this action, and so must take whatever result they have.

Loot Tables

Below is a list of the loot tables, each of which are defined in Loot Tables:
  • Treasure
  • Crowns
    • Pocket Change
    • King's Ransom
  • Ingredients
    • Faecorns
      • Faecorn Bounty
    • Widgets
      • Widget Stock
    • Threads
      • Thread Tapestry
  • Equipment
    • Tools
    • Weapons
    • Armor
  • Curiosities
    • Potions
    • Tarr'ko
    • Wands
    • Blackpowder
  • Devices
    • Devices Complexity 1
    • Devices Complexity 2
    • Devices Complexity 3