Follower of Iluna

Devotion Tale
Followers of Iluna are free spirits who have chosen to follow the path of the goddess Iluna. They can be spotted on various astronomically significant dates gathering at revelstones; under the light of Sh’than, clad in flowing silks, or nothing at all, they dance around together, symbolically shedding their worries and freeing their inhibitions. Followers of Iluna are overwhelmingly (but not exclusively) female. They act as an “open” secret society, in that they form “covens” that are not really much of a secret, and often seek to help the local population in small but achievable ways. These covens are typically invite-only, but one need only prove their good intention to get an in. Reflections are a welcoming group whose primary goals are more free and happy society.
Flit About • Signature Talent • Action
You enter into a carefree dance; this turn, and all turns until you end the dance or the encounter ends, you can choose one of your moves, and gain its effect for the turn. You know the following moves:
  • Leap About - Gain +3 movement.
  • Shake Free - You are no longer slowed.
Slashing Silks • Tier 1 Talent • Action
Make an Adventure vs Armor +1 check against a nearby character; if successful, deal d2 damage 1 + mastery times. If you have 5+ mastery, this is a fast action.
Critical: Deal d3 damage instead of d2.
Moves of the Tides • Tier 1 Talent
You know the following moves:
  • Soothing Sway - An adjacent character can't take the Attack (Weapon) action until your next turn.
  • Alluring Motions - An adjacent character will focus all of their attention on you until your next turn.
Uninhibited • Tier 2 Talent
Your movement can never be reduced.
Moves of the Earth • Tier 2 Talent
You know the following moves:
  • Erratic Shuffles - Add +3 to all defensive Adventure checks.
  • Powerful Leaps - Add +1 to all Attack (Unarmed) or Attack (Weapons) actions made with melee weapons.
Dodge • Tier 3 Talent • Action
As a fast action, if you aren't making an Attack action this turn, gain +3 armor until your next turn.
Devotion to Iluna • Tier 3 Talent • Action
Once per encounter, manifest a swirling array of 1 + mastery dancing clones of yourself; the clones last for 3 turns. Each has your basic attributes, and can use the Slashing Silkds and Dodge actions, but have no other capabilities. Anyone attempting to identify you causes you to make an Adventure + mastery vs Wits check; if successful, they will think one of your clones is you. If a clone suffers any damage, it will collapse into a pile of silks.
Notes: This talent requires devotion to Iluna. Iluna requires you exhibit these virtues: carefreeness, kindness, and communalism. See the Narrator's Guide for more details on devotion.
Tarr’ko • Tarr'ko Talent
You gain an innate tarr’ko card - Reverse, the Cyclic Reveal.
Notes: Innate tarr’ko cards cannot be lost, stolen, or exchanged; they are gibberish to anyone else who looks at them.