Knight of the Rose

Combat Tale
Knights of the Rose know that danger can hide behind a façade of beauty. Unlike other knights found throughout the land, knights of the rose are not granted a traditional knighthood by a sovereign. Their order is self-maintained, and crosses all national boundaries. They evoke a deadly beauty, daring their foes to mistake their outward charms for one who is easy prey. Like many knights, they are wanderers in search of problems that need solving - knights of the rose, however, are willing to stoop to any low to get the job done. They do not operate on a higher moral code, their order believes in results first, and the ends nearly always justify the means.
Blossom • Signature Talent • Action
At the start of each encounter, gain 2 +mastery petals. As a fast action, you can drop a petal to heal yourself for d3 damage.
Destiny of the Rose • Tier 1 Talent
When you make any check, you can drop a petal to reroll the attribute die.
Blood Growth • Tier 1 Talent • Action
Once per encounter, deal 2 damage to yourself as many times as you like; for each 2 damage dealt, regain one dropped petal (not to exceed your maximum).
Brambles • Tier 2 Talent • Action
Make a Steel vs Adventure check against a nearby character; if successful, that character is covered in razor sharp brambles for d4 turns (if in danger, for 1 minute otherwise). During this time, each space that they move causes them to take 1 damage.
Critical: Increase the duration by 2 turns (or 1 additional minute).
Thorns • Tier 2 Talent • Action
Cover yourself in sharp thorns for a number of turns (if in danger, minutes otherwise) equal to your current petals (not your maximum). During this time, anyone who touches you (including any successful melee attack against you) takes 2 damage.
Spring • Tier 3 Talent
Once per turn, as a free action, you can drop a petal to take an extra fast action.
The Rose's Gift • Tier 3 Talent
Permanently increase your Steel by 1.
Tarr’ko • Tarr'ko Talent
You gain an innate tarr’ko card - Balance, the Two as One.
Notes: Innate tarr’ko cards cannot be lost, stolen, or exchanged; they are gibberish to anyone else who looks at them.