Crafting Tale
Machinists have an uncanny understanding of how to assemble various components into something useful. While they lack the training to make true marvels from the Age of Spires, they are more than capable of constructing functional devices off the cuff. Machinists are true inventors by nature; many may have never had the pleasure of working on true spiretech, but have managed to acquire enough parts and pieces to experiment with. They naturally understand how different gadgets and gizmos are intended to be assembled together; how the pieces can be fit in an infinite number of ways to produce strange devices capable of wonders. Their expertise only goes so far, but in a pinch, with just a few random spare parts, a machinist can make just the right tool for the job.
Some Assembly Required • Signature Talent • Action
As a slow action, spend 30 crowns to cobble together a useful tool or mechanism. The assembly will collapse into a heap of scrap after either 1 + mastery uses (or 1 + mastery days if dormant or unused). The mechanism must be a small object, and have a simple functionality (such as a chair).
Assembly Blueprints: Expanded Size • Tier 1 Talent
When taking the Some Assembly Required action, you may spend 10 less crowns to make a tiny object, or 10 more crowns per scale to increase the object to medium, large, or giant.
Take it Apart • Tier 1 Talent • Action
As a slow action, pull apart an authentic piece of spiretech. Gain a number of widgets equal to (1 + mastery) * d4. The spiretech device is destroyed.
Assembly Blueprints: Operational Capacity • Tier 2 Talent
When taking the Some Assembly Required action, you may spend one widget or 10 crowns to make the object a physically functional mechanism or simple automaton. For example, a clock, or a locking mechanism.
Scrap Salvage • Tier 2 Talent • Action
Make a Wits vs Difficulty +4 check against the scrap left from one of your assemblies; if successful, reclaim half the crowns spent to construct the assembly to begin with. You can only perform this check once per scrap.
Assembly Blueprints: Advanced Reasoning • Tier 3 Talent
When taking the Some Assembly Required action, you may spend one widget to make the object intelligent or sophisticated in some way. For example, an automatically fitting key, or a sentry that detects foes.
Notes: You will need to include Operational Capacity if you want the device to do something physical as well.
Weapon Automation • Tier 3 Talent • Action
As a slow action, spend 5 widgets or 100 crowns to automate a normal weapon with spiretech. That weapon now deals +1 additional damage when used. A weapon cannot be automated more than once.
Tarr’ko • Tarr'ko Talent
You gain an innate tarr’ko card - Defend, the Eternal Bulwark.
Notes: Innate tarr’ko cards cannot be lost, stolen, or exchanged; they are gibberish to anyone else who looks at them.