Plague Doctor

Combat Tale
Plague doctors are obsessed with the alchemy of poison and diseases, these sciences occupying their waking thoughts and haunts their dreams. They strive to perfect these recipes of death, as well as their application - both subtle and overt. Plague doctors are capable of concocting vile poisons and delivering them in all manner of ways. It is unlikely that individual who practices these arts makes their talent well known - there isn’t much room for negotiating the usage of these poisons, they are for murder alone. Plague doctors, therefore, work in the shadows almost exclusively. Those who are true masters of their craft likely have the secret employ of a wealthy patron who will call upon their work from time to time.
Brew Poison • Signature Talent • Action
As a slow action, spend 1 faecorn to make 1 + mastery tiny vials of poison whose potency is 2. Anyone who drinks one will be poisoned (potency).
Improved Poisons • Tier 1 Talent
Increase the potency of any poisons you make by 1.
Coat Weapon • Tier 1 Talent • Action
As a slow action, spend one vial of poison to coat one of your weapons; anyone struck by the weapon is poisoned (potency), then reduce the potency of the poison on the weapon by 1 (once it reaches 0, the poison is exhausted). If you reapply poison to the weapon, take the higher potency. Your coated weapons are too dangerous for non-experts to use, anyone else who attempts to use one of your coated weapons must make a Steel vs Difficulty + potency check each time they Attack with it; if they fail, they are poisoned (potency), rather than the intended target (they must also make this check if their attack was a failure; in both cases, reduce the potency by 1).
Master Poisons • Tier 2 Talent
Increase the potency of any poisons you make by 1.
Leeches • Tier 2 Talent • Action
Make a Wits vs Difficulty + potency check against an adjacent poisoned character; if successful, the character is no longer poisoned.
Slowing Poison • Tier 3 Talent
When you take the Brew Poison action, you may spend an additional faecorn to make the poisons a slowing poison. Whenever that poison affects a character, the character is also slowed (potency).
Poison Grenade • Tier 3 Talent
When you take the Brew Poison action, you may spend an additional widget to make 1 grenade (rather than a set of vials). When the pin is pulled, after 5 seconds it will explode (this is during the course of 1 turn; a Toss action can be used to both pull the pin and throw it). The explosion deals d4 damage to any character in the same space, and all nearby characters are poisoned (potency).
Mastery • Mastery Talent
When you are poisoned, immediately reduce the duration by mastery.
Tarr’ko • Tarr'ko Talent
You gain an innate tarr’ko card - Balance, the Two as One.
Notes: Innate tarr’ko cards cannot be lost, stolen, or exchanged; they are gibberish to anyone else who looks at them.