Story Tale
Rapscallions are suave and cool, living life to its fullest, easily manipulating their way into the highest of societies, and occasionally the lowest of dungeons. Exceptionally charming individuals, rapscallions make their way through life however best they can; they are happy to woo an elderly widower, and claim her children’s inheritance before skipping town. Or they may simply use their guile and wit find their way to an invitation to the ball of the season, only to slip through the kitchen when nobody is looking, and pilfer some silver before exiting out the servant’s quarters. Not all rapscallions operate entirely illegally, many simply use their manipulative skills to convince others to give them what they want - living off the dime of a rich merchant who has surrounded himself with yes-men is not at all below the standards of rapscallion behavior.
Declaration of Intent • Signature Talent
Thrice per encounter, prior to making any Adventure or Bravery check, if you boldly announce what you intend to do in a dramatic fashion (as a free action), gain +2 to the check. For example, 'Haha! I shall now swing from the chandelier!'
Slip • Tier 1 Talent • Action
Once per encounter, slip out of any non-magical bindings, ties, shackles, etc. that hold you.
Well Connected • Tier 1 Talent
Gain a 10% discount on all goods and services when in the alleys, or any other suspicious part of town.
Waltz • Tier 2 Talent • Action
Make a Charm vs Difficulty check; if successful, you begin a dance that attracts the attention of all nearby characters - these characters will suffer -1 to all checks that would involve them noticing or observing anything else besides yourself. This distraction lasts for 1 minute. During this time, you may snag up to mastery characters who are already enthralled by your dance, causing them to join in.
Heartthrob • Tier 2 Talent • Action
Make a Charm vs Wits check against a nearby character; if successful, you are the sole focus of their attention, as they are totally infatuated with you for the next 5 minutes. They fail any check related to observing or noticing anything besides yourself unless they are physically affected by it. Further, you gain +1 to all Charm and Wits checks made against them at this time. You may not have more than one character so enraptured at once.
Critical: You may attempt to this action again on another target without losing the attention of the first.
Devilish Luck • Tier 3 Talent • Action
Once per encounter, you are charmed.
Deep Pockets • Tier 3 Talent
You have acquired a special purse that looks no larger than a standard coin pouch, but can hold 1 + mastery cubic feet of stuff. The opening in the pouch always seems large enough to fit any object that the purse itself could contain. Objects inside weight nothing. Living objects are rejected by the pouch.
Tarr’ko • Tarr'ko Talent
You gain an innate tarr’ko card - Surge, the Forbidden Dance.
Notes: Innate tarr’ko cards cannot be lost, stolen, or exchanged; they are gibberish to anyone else who looks at them.