Vassal of the Faerie King

Devotion Tale
Vassals of the Faerie King have heard the alluring call of the lord of the enchanted land of Fae'rela, and found it too sweet to ignore. They have made a pact with this fae creature, gaining great powers, but at what cost? The lord of the fae is a tricky, capricious, and malevolent spirit that demands absolute devotion, and rewards his followers with powerful magics and ultimately an estate of their own in the land of faeries. Vassals are often more than willing to enter into this deal, knowing that the bill will come due, but taking every ounce of advantage they can in the meantime. Devotion to the Faerie King is pretty universally a private affair, the king himself demanding as much. There are no great revels, secret societies, or establishments for gatherings - vassals likely don’t even know if their neighbors are under the thumb of the lord of fae as well.
Pact of the King • Signature Talent
You make a pact with the Faerie King for power. From time to time, he may request things of you - tasks or errands whose purpose only he can know. The Faerie King expects you to handle these tasks promptly.
Notes: Narrators are expected to make these requests every so often - if the character fails to comply, the Faerie King will punish them in a variety of appropriate, nasty, and clever ways. For example, he may erase the memory of the character from a lover, or the character may become cursed for the next encounter, or the character may find their most beloved possession has gone missing...
Patronage • Tier 1 Talent
It just won't do for a representative of the Faerie King to be dressed as you are; 10 + mastery crowns will appear in your pockets each day - fix this problem.
Empowered Magic • Tier 1 Talent
You cannot be expected to perform to the Faerie King's satisfaction without some of his power; add 1 damage to any action you take that requires a Magic check and causes damage.
Sleep • Tier 2 Talent • Action
If you go around killing everyone, how can the Faerie King gain new vassals? A nearby target who is already sleeping, or is nearly asleep, falls into a deep sleep and will not awake for 8 + mastery hours, unless someone is very intentionally trying to wake them (general commotion or loud noises will not suffice).
Green Fire • Tier 2 Talent • Action
The Faerie King demands prompt results; once per encounter, vanish from your current location and reappear anywhere within far distance that you can see. The form of this teleport is a dramatic burst of green fire and flames, from which you are consumed and then immediately emerge.
True Power • Tier 3 Talent
You must feel the true power of the Faerie King, if you are to serve him in all things; permanently increase your Magic by 1.
Devotion to the Faerie King • Tier 3 Talent
The Faerie King grants you his most precious of gifts: an estate in Fae'rela. To access it, you must take a slow action to make a portal. Once inside, the estate is 10 x 1 + mastery feet cubed in size, and whose borders are an impassable foggy edge. You may simply will the interior to appear in any way you like - it can be a sunny meadow, a creepy dungeon, or anything else of your imagination. The estate may also be furnished as you choose, but items you manifest inside the estate are not real and cannot be taken out of the estate (nor do they function in any useful way - they are decorative only). Items you bring into the estate are real and can be operated and removed as needed. You may allow anyone you wish to enter through the portal, but nobody else can breach it. The portal remains in place until you close it, or until you open another one elsewhere.
Notes: This talent requires devotion to the Faerie King. The Faerie King requires you exhibit these virtues: ambition, deception, and judgmentalism. See the Narrator's Guide for more details on devotion.
Tarr’ko • Tarr'ko Talent
You gain an innate tarr’ko card - Defend, the Eternal Bulwark.
Notes: Innate tarr’ko cards cannot be lost, stolen, or exchanged; they are gibberish to anyone else who looks at them.