Crafting Tale
Weavers are mystics that are highly in tune with the golden threads of the Great Tapestry; so much so, they can spin them together to create the reality you prefer by constructing their own Tarr’ko cards. This, however, is the domain of Athya, and weavers are no expert in the cosmic flow of time; they know their actions may have unintended consequences, but they pursue them nonetheless. The talents and skills of a weaver are well-sought, and their fee can be quite steep. As they are often an eccentric bunch, unlike other artisans, they are rarely shown off by a wealthy patron, however the fruits of their labors are well and truly desired, so they are sought out nonetheless.
Weave Tarr'ko • Signature Talent • Action
Once per encounter, as a slow action, spend one hour attempting to weave a tarr'ko card. Make a Magic vs Difficulty check; if successful, spend 5 threads, and create a tarr'ko card. Roll on the Tarr'ko Loot Table to determine which card you create; for this roll, use your mastery in place of any other luck.
Critical: Spend 1 less thread.
Patient Weave • Tier 1 Talent
When taking your Weave Tarr'ko action, if you choose to spend 2 hours (rather than 1), you do not need to make a check - the action is automatically successful. (You must still roll on the loot table as normal.)
Seasoned Prophet • Tier 1 Talent
When taking the Read the Tarr'ko action, you may reduce the overall cost by 1 thread (if applicable).
Tighter Weave • Tier 2 Talent
Your Weave Tarr'ko action now consumes 1 less thread.
Divine the Tarr'ko • Tier 2 Talent
Gain +2 luck whenever you roll on the Tarr'ko Loot Table. (This counts for normal Loot actions, as well as the Weave Tarr'ko action.)
Forced Prophecy • Tier 3 Talent
Whenever you take a Read the Tarr'ko action, your prophecy can include one duplicate card (if you have access to it).
Rapid Reading • Tier 3 Talent
Your Read the Tarr'ko action is no longer slow.
Tarr’ko • Tarr'ko Talent
You gain an innate tarr’ko card - Reverse, the Cyclic Reveal.
Notes: Innate tarr’ko cards cannot be lost, stolen, or exchanged; they are gibberish to anyone else who looks at them.